Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cat of the Day

This is Meggy yesterday. enjoying the outside as part of their morning garden play. She is a good girl, not a climber by nature and loves to play chasing butterflies and eating the grass.

Tilli on the other hand IS a climber, She had me in a panic, she got on the roof. She did come down on her own and i am happy to say she did stay within the boundary but she did worry me.


  1. What would we do without our kitties? I love watching Hannah's kitten growing and learning but I love how our 12 yr old calico, Coconut, is becoming more of a demanding lap cat. Our outside boys are the meatheads and loverboys of the neighborhood and still haven't figured out they are not dogs!

  2. I hope she doesn't do that to often!
    Your Dodo is getting there! Looks very cool!

  3. Lovely cats. x x x
    looks like they are enjoying themselves.