Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding Gifts

My daughter has been down for her final dress fitting this week and we also finished making the thank you gifts for the wedding guests.
labels were designed and printed onto Matt Photo Sticker A4 Sheets and printed out. they were then peeled and stuck onto the candles, twine was wound around and then placed into the little bags.
One thing we have been told is to record and take notes all the time because the time goes by so quickly. Her Auntie from Mauritius has made her veil, and it is just adorable, It was just the best feeling to have her and her daughter here with us to celebrate this special event.


  1. The candles look beautiful. You must be getting excited as the big day gets closer and the preparations get more intense! Ann :)

  2. Our Soggibottom wedding is in September...
    You are right....it is around the corner...
    Ah these look lovely. x x x

  3. These look so lovely, Sue! What a great idea. We received the invitation in the post recently and thought it was wonderful, so beautifully designed - and I love the tree of life theme. Just so gutted we can't make it after all. It's lovely to follow the preparations on here - we feel closer!
    Love to all,
    Helen xxx

  4. Oh happy days, love weddings!! We have relatives from Mauritius too. Love Posie

  5. Hello Sue,
    It is nice to catch up on your blog again. I also do love the tree theme! The candles look very pretty.
    When is the wedding again?

  6. They're gorgeous Sue!!!! :-)

    Sorry I haven't been in touch recently... it has been so busy with both kids starting high school and kinder... Mum's Taxi, n'all that! he he...

    My family arrive from England on Friday (Aaron also goes on school camp this week)... then only one more week until my big day. Stephanie is going to look absolutely stunning, and all of her wedding preparations look divine! You are such a creative and talented family!!!

    Lots of love!!!! Vikki xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Sue - these are truly beautiful! You are s-o-o-o talented.... I wish I could be there - I just know you are going to have a wonderful day. xxx

  8. How excited are you getting? It's getting so close! I'm getting used to this blogging thing now - I'll try to take a look every day! xxx

  9. Hey - managed to get my profile pic to show at last! Complicated stuff this blogging..... :-)