Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Mascots continued

This is the last of the Olympic Mascots i am making, This is called Sumi. I have just finished the head. It is now 4.30am and i need to go to sleep cos i have a doctors appointment at 8.30am.
I am happy with what i have done today, considering i started on this project yesterday at 9am so i have been on it constantly for about 18 hours. Thank goodness for Vitasoy Chocolate soy bean milk substitute, i have drunk a litre of it today and that has kept me going.
I will come back to this after some sleep.
I hope you have enjoyed what i have done so far.


  1. OMG, great work but get some sleep Sue!! Wow, at least through tired eyes you'll smile when you see him. Love Posie

  2. Indeed I did enjoy the mascots so far. Would love to see them finished! Hope you catched a few hours sleep...

  3. Ow, I just saw you already finished the other two! Great!

  4. I can't believe you worked for that long straight.
    You are incredible - please make sure you sleep.
    I promise to get my requests in MUCH earlier next time.