Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dodo Continued

Fabric i have chosen to do my Dodo's legs with. Needle and thread, glue stick and fake fur fabric, (op shop, inside of a jacket). This was cut into strips, glue stick on the wrong side of the fabric, then wrapped around the legs starting from the toe tips and up.
Glued into place. I will keep wrapping until i have the thickness that i am happy with.
Underside of beak. The beak is going to be in a red vinyl fabric. I will stretch, pin, draw where i want to cut, then using a fabric glue and needle and thread put it into place. I will be trying to make this as smooth as possible where it needs to be but at this point i can also start to add character, smile lines and facial creases and tucks, things that will bring it to life.
This is the right way view of the Dodo.


  1. This is just so fascinating! I can't wait to see the finished Dodo, he is going to be a beauty!

  2. Hi Sue,
    Your Dodo is coming along very nicely. I cannot believe how much you've down whilst I've not been near the computer. I love watching the step by step approach. Fabulous...look forward to seeing the finished bird :)
    HUgs, Sharon

  3. Sue, I am just catching up after being away all weekend.
    You are so talented. I am in total awe of your process. Every time I come here i learn something new - like weights. I cannot begin to explain the trouble I have with making things stand sometimes...weights !!! sheesh. Are they special things? or just heavy blobs of metal.....