Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Ideas

This is the wooden box that my daughter had bought for the Wishing Well for the wedding.
The box itself is plain and she is going to have an engraving of a scene from Wellers on it. Currently it is holding some of the wedding invitations she has hand made. The size is a business sized envelope.
This is the guest book, the pages are fabric with natural elements in it, Wooden decorations and hinges, The pages are A4 in size and perfumed. Very beautiful, The same scene from Wellers will be on the inside of the book to match the box.
She will be changing the ribbon to go with her theme.


  1. Oh wow Sue, this is going to be one magical wedding for your daughter :D - and the time is flying so fast, we are nearly through January, ALREADY :o

  2. I love the wooden box and guest book. I like seeing more nature items being used instead of the usual items you see.