Wednesday, January 6, 2010

wedding Ideas

We have just bought on ebay, this lovely box.
the dimensions are just right for envelopes.
This is going to be used instead of the traditional Wishing Well and on the top we are going to have engrave a picture of Wellers. the place where they are getting married.
The second thing is that the Bridal table is going to have a bonsai tree. Don't know which one yet, more on that when my daughter comes down. We are going to have fun looking.
We have decided! The copper/bronze finished candle holders are going to be filled with a potted plants, one for each table.
The cushion i was working on is finished, i will post a picture tomorrow, too dark right now to get a good picture.


  1. Hi Sue,
    What a lovely box and great ideas you have for the wedding.
    Hm, what is a weller? I think I missed something!
    Don't forget to let me know the details!

  2. Hi Sue,
    What a lovely box. I presume Wellers is where the wedding will be held...such a great idea to engrave it on the top :)
    Love the bonsai idea...goes so well with the tree of life theme. Such a good theme for a wedding :)
    Looking forward to seeing your cushion

  3. Yes Wellers is the place where the wedding will be, I have now added a link to it if you like.