Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Table Decorations

Bridal table Mock Up.

For the past couple of days we have been very busy. Steph came down for 3 days and in that time we set ourselves a timetable and got it done. Day 1 shoes, (i cannot put them on the blog until later cos they ware going to surprise people, They are really lovely. job done, ticked off the list.
Day 2. Wedding Dress Fitting. Lovely, Dress will be ready for a second fitting on the 15th Feb. the day after our nephews wedding and Steph has booked her time to be here then anyway, so that is just perfect. Job done, ticked off the list.

Bomboniere Mock Ups. They are also going to be place settings too. On the bottom will be their table number and they will choose how they place themselvers on their table. 60 plus candles, done. another thing ticked off the list.
8 round table Mock Up. There will be rose petals on the table too.

All the table decorations are wrapped and two table set ups per bag, ready to go. Bridal table set up in its own bag.
Last day, day 3, Steph booked for us to go to Wellers first as a thank you and to sample their menu and wine. so a table of 6 was booked and we went. LOVELY! the food was very nice indeed, looked and tasted lovely, the wine was nice and all had a good time.
We took more photos and had a lovely afternoon.
Steph had to go back home, happier that she managed to do what she wanted to do in the short time she was here.

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