Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quilting and Cats

Montage of Tilli and Meg in the garden.
Quilting Montage and Cats.
I have been busy this week, learning a new skill is both fun and frustrating! I have been happily cutting up my fabric and sewing them together and then decided to stop and take a look. I need Help! i realise i have no idea on what i am doing the colours look awful and i need to re sort out my fabrics.
Where and how do i start with this, do i sort it into colours, or print types, How do you sort out what is dark, medium and light tones? and i have a funny feeling that all my fabrics are one tone.
All part of the learning process i suppose.


  1. Love Tili and Meg! Not sure why but cats always LLLOOOVVE and "appreciate" handmade things. Kumo is forever asking me to make something for him.
    They love the wool pompoms.
    Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could do that.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. hello Sue! I came over from the Hexalong to meet you! I reckoned a lady who dresses in cool purple threads, must be my kind of lady. I see already, we have lots in common, including Husbands who cook. Come over and visit sometime, best wishes from England

  3. Hello there, i seem to follow your comments on other people's blogs, so we have the same taste & your blog is really sweet. Clever name too. Happy quilting, love Posie