Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is the cushion finished.
The cushion measures a lovely 61 cm square, I used curtain fabric from Spotlight that cost $3 a metre and although i tried i could not capture the coppery sheen it has when the light hits it. It is a mid weight fabric that very thin strands of copper, brown and gold running through it like little wavy lines going one way. I used it making the grain go through it sideways, it picks up the light better that way.
I thoroughly enjoyed making it and i am sure they will like it. It is the first cushion i have ever made, but it won't be the last that is for sure. I had great fun doing it.
I have decided not to bead it because they have cats and i don't want to risk them trying to pick them off and swallowing them.
I have some fabric left over so i'm thinking round coasters to match.


  1. Oh goodness Sue, this is lovely intricate very detailed work - WOW you should be so very proud of this cushion, it is WONDERFUL!!! So glad you are enjoying your creativity!