Sunday, December 27, 2009

Making Paper

One of the things i am going to make for the wedding for each guest is a hand made paper seeded scroll. This is the first part of the paper i have put away to make them with. (first i will have to look for a cheap/secondhand blender. You cannot use one that you are using for food). I will be adding shredded gold/bronze ribbon. and the idea is for the guest to plant it into a pot as a reminder of the day.
However, this is where i need your help! I have one herb so far, Thyme, I have chosen it because it is a small herb and a play on words. I want the paper to have a love and wisdom theme, the plants must be able to grow in a pot and the seeds small. Any gardeners out there with suggestions? I will be reading them all.


  1. Hi Sue, I'm no gardener,so have no idea how big rose seeds are, but I think the addition of rose petals would be good for "love"

  2. Hi Sue, I have made paper in the past but instead of a blender i bought a paint stirrer from the hardware store (very cheap) it fits into an electric drill so it is like a giant Bamix - does that make sense and then you can mix a whole bucketful of pulp at a time !

  3. Hi Sue,
    Hm, no gardener here, but I wish you all the best with your newest idea.
    Hey, I like Jodie's idea about the paint stirrer.
    Wishing you all the best for 2010

  4. Olá, amiga!
    Conheci o seu cantinho... amei!...
    Lindo e criativo!
    Você é muito talentosa...parabéns!!!
    Espero sua visitinha...
    ...que a fé e a esperança num mundo melhor sejam revividas a cada dia em seu coração!
    Feliz 2010!!!
    Itabira - Brasil