Tuesday, December 8, 2009


These are my two bots in the making, the fabric i am using is second hand wool coats, I love the textures and the colours and if you do what i do, and buy them from op shops when they have sales then you can get a myriad of lovely rich colours.
I did not have template plastic for the soles of the legs so like a lot of us we look at what we do have. I now have a folder that has holes in it! (another good thing to use is the plastic bottom on the green bags you can buy in the grocery stores).
For this pair of bots i will be using teddy bear joints and eyes for child safety But (a very rare thing for me, i will be making one with button joints to keep for myself!).
If you click on the picture and enlarge it you will find that the red one has a band going across it. This is because i have had to make a strip if fabric large enough to fit the pattern. Being a robot i am sure he won't mind!

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