Friday, November 20, 2009

Sleep or not to Sleep

Tilli, She just loves to sleep in the climbing post
I am sitting on the floor doing faces when i look up, and there is Meg looking down on me from the pool/craft table.
What i have been doing today, well yesterday, last night until now, 6am, Is it too late to go to sleep now? I got up off the floor to have a stretch only to realise that the sun has risen, the birds are singing, and i am almost finished on the dolls faces, Do i finish them or try to get a couple of hours sleep? Well i thought about it, and decided to carry on. I will have some brekkie a shower and freshen up and continue, I still have buttons to put onto jumpers. After finishing the rest of the faces.
Although i can draw my own faces to save time, this time i am using a face stamp from Katkins Designs
The Stamp is called Beatrix.
I bought this from her earlier this year at the Stitches and Craft show, and asked her permission to use them on the dolls i was going to make this year for the K. Mart Christmas Tree, and she was happy for me to do so.
I have gone over it with Prisma Pens, done the whites of the eyes with gel pen from the newsagents and coloured the lips using prismacolour pencils
Christmas Trees, all they need to have done on them is some decoration, and they will be ready for the Christmas Party next month.

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  1. Wow, Sue, what amazing commitment on your part with ALL those dolls! I am sure they will bring a big smile on the children's faces.
    What a cutie Meg is.