Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Plans have Changed

Anyone who is doing or planning a wedding can understand this, Plans Change!!!
Originally my daughter was going to get married at Hill End in Sydney then realized quite unrealistic and very expensive for family and friends to get there,
Left right and outside of barn. So Plan two.
Barn in Bundoora Park set it up from this

to this!
Just an idea at the moment. but my daughter is keeping a book on the events as they are happening (or not) like a journal so to speak so that down the road they can see how they got from one idea to the final result. The wedding is so much more than just the day.

Some ideas in decorating from my Niece in Law is that correct terminology?
cool ideas.
Bundoora Park Church
Love it and can hold up to 60 people.
Just the right size.

Where ever you go in Bundoora you get nice views

lovely lovely trees and ponds and wildlife and open spaces. It is really talking to me...
More on this adventure later and keeping you up to date on the wedding stuff.


  1. Hi Sue,
    Hill End would have been lovely, but I totally understand the logistics thing.
    Bundoora Park would be very appropriate, since Steph knows it so well and I absolutely love that church!
    Any news on date yet?...
    Helen xxx

  2. PS
    Bundoora Park is stunning, too!