Friday, October 16, 2009

Places to Visit

I was thinking today about places i have been that have changed me as a person (or have strengthened me) places that have tugged at my heart core and i can name 5.

1. Cornwall England. I loved the history and cobbled streets
2. Stone Henge Felt at peace here. Unfortunately when i went to visit it was roped off. Unable to touch the stones themselves.
3. Dungeness Loved the ruggedness of the place. My mum took me there last time i went to the U.K. and i simply loved it.
4. William Ricketts Sanctuary This place i could not forget, and i would dearly love to visit again.
5. My newest love Hill End N.S.W. I fell in love with not just the landscape but the people who live there.

What places or things that you have been too or seen read or heard that have helped shaped you or have strengthened your belief in who you are today?


  1. Cornwall is indeed fantastic. I remember the stunning rock formations in the North, set against an awesome sunset... Grand Canyon eat your heart out. I also love Sydney and the drive up to Newcastle through the mountains along the Pacific Highway... the sheer vastness is wonderous... and then there's the island one sees from the train on the way into Sydney coming down from Gosford - the only way on and off is via boat - how's that for amazing in a 21st century civilization. Ah I so need to be back over in Aus... here's hoping.. Keep up the blogging x

  2. Hi Sue,
    Wow, Your dolls are really coming along and for such a great cause. Good on you honey!

    My favourite place in the world besides home with my family is Italy. I went there four years ago and can't wait to go back=hoping next year. My Dad is from Italy and all his family are still there. Ah, I felt right at home. Must be the roots thingy!

    Good on you for sharing your sewing and craft ideas with a young friend. Makes us feel good to share our knowledge.
    Happy crafting,