Monday, October 26, 2009

Ebay, yet again

This is my latest Ebay purchase. The last for a while, i have been getting into it too easily for a while. Much better condition than my own dummy. $60 a bargain.

This is my own dressmakers dummy, I think you can agree that it is in a bit of a state. Battered bent and broken, even the stand. It was not always like this, when i lent it out it was supposed to be for two months and it was like new. and this is where my tale of caution comes in. When you lend things out, don't expect people to treat your things the way you do. Not everyone's value system is the same. I am afraid this is one friendship that broke after this, not only did it take me a year to get it back, she did not even say sorry. This is one lesson i have learned the hard way. It will now make me think twice before i lend things out. I now think, Do i value the friendship or the item? Treat it the same way as what you would do if it was a loan. Don't lend out money you cannot afford not to get back.

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  1. Hi Sue,
    I think you valued the friendship more than the person you lent the dummy too. A few years ago I lent a friend my textbooks and I never saw them again. Needless to say she didn't explain herself she just kept saying she would sort it out later. We don't see each other any more.
    I think you should take more care of someone elses stuff than your own.
    I know I have felt really bad if something has happened to someone elses possession in my care.
    Accidents can and do happen, but thats no excuse to ignore it.
    I'm glad you've got a new one now :)