Friday, October 30, 2009

Dog Bed

One of my sons friends came round with their dog the other day and left her tied up under the front veranda and i thought to myself, She needs a mat to lay on. So here it is. Using what i had on hand I made her one. It measures 60cm by 95cm.
The inside is foam padding covered with wool blanket, i then sewed them all together sandwich style using my over locker.
Then i made a cotton and plastic mat slip cover that has a taped enclosure so that it can be removed for cleaning easily. Nice and soft and cushion y, much better than the hard concrete veranda.


  1. AAww, you are so sweet to make a dog mat! Cats can jump onto somewhere and find soft place but it must be difficult for dogs. I bet the dog absolutely loved your mat :D

  2. Lucky dog would love it to bits (literally), so she won't be getting one LOL