Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boys Toys

My trusty cardboard to the rescue, i made a template.
Pieces need for each pencil wallet. Template sewing Outer, lining and a stiffened insert.
Sewn, turned right sides out. pinned and lines drawn to sew on for pencil holder side and notebook on the other.
Almost finished, Use matching thread though for the real item, this is just for demo purposes only
Add an elastic loop to the pencil side and i will also be hot glue or super glue the sharpener in place to double as an enclosure. with some final adjustments and tweaking 15 of these will be made today. Back to sewing.


  1. Hi Sue, I haven't had time to visit much, just catching up now. You've got some nice projects. The little dolls are cute too! Good luck with the wedding plans, it'll all work out beautifully.

  2. That looks great Sue and very useful too !