Thursday, October 15, 2009


This is the bodies all stuffed and ready to assemble, finished stuffing them last night at midnight.
I just tipped it out and Meggy was there as always interested in what i am doing. She is my little shadow.
What the picture cannot show is the depth of the pile. There is a lot there. Anyone new to this blog i have been given permission by the designer to use her pattern in this way. Her name is Jodie and her blog is WONDERFUL. do check it out.


  1. Well, that's very productive, wow, I'm a bit gobsmacked... although I also find it a bit grotesque - I always feel relieved when the parts all find each other!!!
    Jodie is great, I love her stuff. Planning to make some Kinder Boys for my kiddies this Christmas.

  2. Your boys will love the kinder kids.
    I have designed a knitted jumper that will fit these dolls it is on my side bar, You are very welcome to use it.