Sunday, September 6, 2009

Table Cloths

The roses are going to be in her bouquet, possibly red to be decided later on, I just like the yellow to show details.
Kangaroo Paw is going to be in the bouquet too
Showing some autumnal colouring,
little book of fabric i am sending my daughter for possible table coverings. I would like to make a runner for the bridal table with floral applique as a keepsake
The 5 fabrics for her to pick from
Possible table settings, more on that later. The decorations are going to be quite simple with potted herbs and pillar candles decorated with local pine cones...


  1. Wow! The colours of the flora are magnificent! It will be a very beautiful wedding!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Sounds beautiful. Great idea on doing the fabric book for the table fabrics.

  3. What a lovely idea...its practical, thoughtful and useful plus a terrific memento of their day. The bouquet is going to look lovely too.

  4. Hi Sue, I love all the colors in the flowers and the table runner is a great idea for her to keep. Oh, planning a wedding is so much fun.

  5. Hi Sue!
    This is so exciting. The flowers are all beautiful and I love the fabrics too. What fun! :D