Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The theme of the wedding is formal, Suits Please Gentlemen! and the plates are all going to be either roses or autumn toned from either op shops or garage sales, This is on day one of the hunt from Savers in Greensborough, My daughter and son in law are then going to choose to keep the pieces they want as a set, then re donate the rest where they can then be sold again to raise money for charity. All the plates here are in fact white but look cream to pick up on their design. They all have a silver edging too. She is going to have roses and Kangaroo paw in her bouquet. We are also going to have secondhand cutlery, so if you know a good place to shop (20c per piece we were thinking of spending on knives and forks, let us know!).
We are also on the look out for copper pots/kettles/containers. We want to fill them with herbs and have them growing in the pots as part of the table decorations.


  1. I love seeing your name pop up on my 'dashboard' - I think "what's she up to now?!!" I love the way your mind works!!!

    I shall keep a look out for you sweetie, for sure!

    Hugs! Vikki xx

  2. You look like you've been busy and having fun. Your wedding outfit looks great.


  3. What fun you are going to have making this wedding happen...

  4. What a lovely idea! It's going to look gorgeous, Ann.