Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Project Inspiration

My Youngest son came home with his hair newly done, (he wears his hair in dreads) with a new product. I just fell in love with the logo. I am going to re create him into a 3D toy using recycled wool coats. Meanwhile i am working on the charity dolls and thinking on how i am going to get him made. Once i have all the "bits" in my head i will start him.
Probably on Monday so watch this space!
I love it when i get excited about a project!


  1. What an excellent product. :D
    My friend's sister has her hair in dreads too. I was really interested in it.
    Though I must say Japanese hair is probably not suited to dread, I don't think. They are too strong and straight to stick together.
    Look forward to seeing your new project! :D

  2. Yes indeed.... great logo!
    One of my good friends used to have dreads a few years ago. After she was bored of it she didn't want to cut her hair. So guess who got the exciting job to undred (? is that a word)her hair. I took me and two other friends about 7 hours to get them out. Heaps of conditioner, brushing, conditioner, brushing....Whhaaaa!

    By the way...love the Scream doll and the little doll on the "skippybal' (that's how we call it in Dutch).

  3. Great name...cannnot wait to see your 3D version of the logo. I, too love being excited about a project. Enthusiasm is wonderfully contagious.
    Glad you liked my angels.

  4. I would love to see this cute monkey in 3d :)) Lots of love :)

  5. Oh wow Sue - I can see why you fell in love with him! He is so fun and happy! I have no doubt that he will look divine!!! :-)

    Vikki xx