Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monkey Marionette

The monkey will be having an open mouth. This is is a first for me. The pattern pieces for the upper jaw to be connected to the head top piece, the pieces are all connected to each other and lastly the jaw is connected to the lower head front. the head and back will then be sewn around together leaving an opening in the bottom for the neck. This will be a half a covered piece of toilet roll tube covered in fabric which then will also be in the body too. ladder stitched into place.
The limbs will be simple tubes of fabric, lightly stuffed and the feet and hands added on after. The tail will have wire to bend it up and defy gravity.
This monkey is going to be a puppet with strings.
The hands and feet have a back side in dark fabric and a light side too. Just make sure you have a left and a right for each. The hands will have an opening at the wrists for the arms to be sewn to and the feet are going to be sewn all around, then cut out, make a slit on one side of the fabric to turn through and that is where the legs will be ladder stitched onto. After turning out the right way top stitch in the fingers and toes. Lightly stuff the hands and feet. then sew them to the limbs.

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