Monday, August 10, 2009

Had to Share

What happened to me.
Whilst i have never been one for looking in the mirror at myself in any given time, i have to remember to take a good look from time to time. this is why. I was innocently waiting in the queue at the post office to pay a bill when a customer, 2 people ahead of me was looking at me with daggers in her eyes. She just kept glaring at me and i could not for the sake of me could think of what i have done to offend her that much. did i know her? and how did i cause her so much animosity?
Well, 3 minutes later i found out what i had done. The Lovely lady at the counter told me i had a knitting needle sticking out of my shoulder! I have been walking around all morning like that! The offending size 10mm knitting needle was stuck in my jumper. I have been to Woolworths and the $2 shop and nothing had been said.
This bought me back to twice before in my life when outside of my house of something potentially embarrassing.
Once i went to the market and realised i had a dress on inside out and back to front. (quick change in the loo) and another time when i was with my daughter, in a clothes shop when i saw this lady in the mirror my thought was, this bag lady needs help! Then i saw it was me! I thought i looked ok with all my layers when in fact i looked like a hobo.
Fashionistas out there, I am a large 14- 16 size hippy that needs fashion advice!


  1. what a story! I still dont understand why that woman was glaring at you!
    as for fashion, i dont really follow it, but I am having a great time deconstructing and re constructing clothing at the moment . maybe you could give that a go?

  2. I have been reading about that, Looks great fun to do too!

  3. Hilarious! Don't worry, the old 'needle in the jumper' look is coming back in... LOL!

  4. Yes as Gina said that look will soon be all the rage , you trendsetter !

  5. Thanks ladies I feel Oh so much better!

  6. funny...I remember rushing out the door one day for work...I had several pairs of black court shoes for work and just rushed on out with what I thought was the pair on...wasn't til I got to work an hour away and got out of the car and was walking the distance from the carpark that I felt lop sided....yikes...2 different shoes...LOL...hugs Khris