Thursday, July 23, 2009

Space Hopper

The next doll i am going to make is a child riding a Space Hopper. This is going to be made out of papier mache. The paste is 3 parts white glue to 1 part water, mixed until smooth and runny.
I have a balloon blown up to the size i want (actually i put one balloon inside another before blowing it up. I figure it will be twice as strong, It was definitely twice as hard to blow up!) and have strips of newspaper ready to paste.

This is the first layer all covered. I will have to leave it to dry. It will dry outside on the line until i am ready to do the next layer.

It is now dry and ready for the next step.
I will repeat this at least 3 more times.


  1. Sue , you really have inspired me. Tomorrow I am off to buy wire to make a full armature for a new friend !I have also borrowed one of the books you recommended..fallen in love with it and bought a copy on Etsy.......