Friday, July 24, 2009

Space Hopper girl continued

From the pictures you can see that i am using the drape, cut and sew method (i am in Awe of the show Project Runway on Foxtel at the moment) which is why i am making this doll in this way,

I will continue like this until the doll is covered, making sure that the face is smooth on the front! The hands will be made separately (cos of wired fingers), but they will be mitten type. Toes will be needle sculpted. All the time with my tape measure measuring each part of the limb before sewing up, smoothing out the skin and adding a little stuffing here and there. I want them to be similar sized at least!


  1. I am following this new doll just as eagerly as the last Sue...

  2. Hi Sue,
    I don't know how you do it? You have have very good visual skills. Even the cotton ball lumpy bit looks good to me :).Its fascinating t watch.
    Thanks for the lovely thumb pincushions...I gave one to my sister, Jen who had picked me up so we could go to the show. She was very impressed. BTW Liam loved the red packaging LOL
    Thanks for your good wishes and support.

  3. Hi Sue!

    Wow - this doll is looking interesting!! :-) You're so clever! What is Project Runway all about?

    Catch you real soon!
    Vikki xoxo

  4. Project Runway is a show that is one of those reality contests where one person gets eliminated each week, but that is not why i like it. They are clothing designers who come up with amazing creations using the resources given to them to make their particular creation pertaining to the topic given, example, underwear in 10 hours, another week they had to make something using a budget and stuff from Bunnings! This is their web site. in such a little time it is crazy. At the end of the competition the prize is huge. They get to have their own runway show showcasing 12 of their own designs and a chance to work with some top designers.