Monday, July 6, 2009

Skirt and Legs

This is the cardboard skirt pattern i have made right at the beginning when i worked out all the measurement of the doll. It will be it in whatever fairly stiff fabric i can find. It won't even matter what colour or design it is because it won't show. The final layer of this doll is going to be hand made felt. I have not made the felt yet, So looking forward to doing it.

What is this? It is the base of the skirt pattern with coat hanger legs. I have decided that the skirt is going to be a stump type of base with legs coming out from starting at the the calves. Long slender feet with boots.

Coat hanger wire is the basis of the legs. The fact is you will not be seeing most of her legs only the bottom part will be showing. Using a wire in one piece attached to the body will help keep it stable. She is going to be on a broom flying with her cat when she is finished.

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