Saturday, July 4, 2009

ready to stuff

This is the doll so far. I have made the body, sewn the arms, wired the fingers, made the head, It is a flat faced doll, just two pieces the same a back and a front with a slit in the back the neck is going to be put into the slit. I have not decided on the legs yet...

The picture shows them as being very very slender, I think i may use coat hanger wire and wrap them first before deciding what to do next. More on that when i get to it.

My tools that i use for stuffing are, two sizes of forceps, 24cm and 12cm. these have ridges that can grip the fiberfill. two hand made stuffing tools, (large eyed needles that have the eye cut in half), filed to eliminate rough edges and a handle put on the pointy end. One of them has a polymer clay handle and the other one, a cork. I will put a proper handle on it later. Scissors, good quality thread for the body always. The seams are going to be stressed with the stuffing and you do not want all your hard work to go to waste. A cheap thread could make the seams split. I use cheaper ones, like my bargains the other day for things like clothes, they don't have the stress of being pulled about. Do check any thread before you use them.

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