Thursday, July 23, 2009

Next Project

At our Cloth Doll Club A.C.D.A we have monthly meetings, and very enjoyable they are too. They keep me going and i feel energized every time i go there. Well, we have a challenge coming up and i only have a couple of weeks to get it done and the challenge is about something to do with your childhood. Well my most vivid memory of being a child is running around the edge of the playground in slow motion being the Six Million Dollar man. with Steve Austin. Thinking back, i did not realize it then but i think he was my first crush. What was your first crush?
A little off topic, but It keeps popping in my head. I will have to make something about that time soon.

Back to the challenge, One of the favorite toys in the children's home was a thing called a Space Hopper, remember them? You maybe too young to remember either of these things, but to me they were great. So my challenge doll i am going to make is a mixed media. I am starting with the space hopper and go from there.
Tomorrow i am going to buy a balloon and papier mache it and make a Space hopper.


  1. Hi Sue,
    Wow, your last pair of shoes lasted a very long time.
    Hm, I'm interested to see how you're going to do this hopper thingy up!
    My child hood crush was Mr Knight, in the Kit car.
    Oh, I can't remember what his name is?
    But I remember thinking he was very cute and smart.

  2. I remember! His name in the show was Michael Knight played by David Hasselhoff.

  3. Hi there!

    That's right - David Hasselhoff! Otherwise known as the Hoffmeister!!! he he he

    yes, I had a space hopper too Sue. It was quite dangerous in the kitchen!!! You are so very organised, I don't think I'm going to have time to make a challenge doll. Maybe next time!!!

    My first crush? Oh, I'm not sure. But my biggest crush was on a member of the Nordic pop group, A-ha. A chap called Mags Furuholmen... I still have a thing for him!!!

    Speak soon! Love and hugs! Vikki xxxxxx