Monday, July 27, 2009


This is her face close up. Oh my God! She looks scared! It is so not what i wanted! I wanted it to look like she was laughing. Apart from starting again, next time, any artists out there to give me advice?


  1. It's the eyebrows. She has worried eyebrows.Next time her eyes need to crinkle up at the corners and her eyebrows need to be .... different! Mouth need to turn up at corners too, then she won't look so scared!

  2. Thank you so very very much. Most appreciated

  3. I am so impressed about your doll making. Amazing to know how the hair is made. Well, I think you are a much better artist than I am!!! (I cannot draw faces!). As the above comments, may be the eye brows?
    Love the knitted jumpers :D

  4. Hi Sue,
    Your face could do with some shading and highlighting. Her bottom lip needs to be wider in the centre with a line coming from the edge of her mouth out further.
    Oh, so hard to explain in words.

    Hm, Do you live anywhere near the Dandenongs?
    I'd be happy to give you a few lessons!

  5. Dear Anna
    How darling of you to offer to give ma a few lessons! Unfortunately i don't live near there. But heartfelt thanks for the offer.

  6. I really like the expressiveness you have captured, even if it's not the expression you wanted. I use embroidery for faces cause I can't draw or paint them yet.

  7. How about putting in some dimples under the cheeks?? I don't know but maybe it will lift her smile. Looks like a lot of fun. Have a great weekend.