Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doll Continued

The main body of the hat is now sandwiched between the two rims. Pin and sew the rims together. Decorate the hat as you wish. Embellish.
Cardboard, glue stick and felt. The main body of the hat is clipped and glued between the two brim pieces.
Hat Components
Wire used to measure and create the shape from around the head ready to be traced onto cardboard.
Wire around the head for the shape of the inner brim of the hat.


  1. It's looking GREAT! I love seeing sneak peeks too... just creating a mental image of what she may look like. But until you have created the face (or rather, she has created it for you!!!) then we'll never know!!!

    I hpe you are feeling better today Sue. Keep up with the Lemsip! xx
    Vikki xx

  2. Hi Sue,
    Oh my goodness, You do have a lot of patience.
    It's lovely to see this doll progress.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi!
    It's amazing to see how the hat is constructed. Very clever. I am really looking forward to seeing the doll wearing the hat.
    Thank you for sharing the techniques!

  4. Love those shoes Sue ... gee you work fast !