Friday, July 17, 2009

Doll Continued

This is the hair i am going to use on the doll.
I have to brush and clean it out first and then having drawn a hat line on the doll i will use a felting needle to poke the hair in just on that line i drew and above it on the head to hold it in. I am looking for a messy fly away look so styling is not so important. This brush is actually a pet brush, exactly the same as they type of brush you get in teddy bear stores but much cheaper.
All witches need a broom and this is what i had.
Some lavender from my niece. I tied it up and here it is.

1 comment:

  1. Nice photos Sue! I love the colour of the mohair you are using for the hair. And the lavender broom is a wonderful idea... so much more visually pleasing (and probably aroma-pleasing!) than the traditional straw broom. I absolutely love it!

    I love the cat idea too... and it's great to see how you work it all out to get the shape you want. It's a shame not more of our dolly club members are on their computers - they would have an absolute ball reading your blog! I think we should round them all up!

    Lots of love to you sweetheart!
    Vikki xoxo