Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doll Continued

The fabric paint i will use for the boots. paint 1 layer, leave it to dry, lightly rub and add another coat. When they are dry, cover the painted boots with clear nail polish. Nice shiny leather look.

The leg/shoe dissected. The shoe part is what i will use to trace on the leg part to be painted later.
Leg wire cut and the end of the wire bent in on itself for safety , put through the leg. Stuff through the heel carefully and ladder stitch the top of the leg to the underside of the doll.
Do this with both legs.
Sewn, cut out and stuffed the front part of the shoe leaving the heel and the leg unstuffed.
Drawn boots onto cardboard. trace onto doubled fabric. Sew around shape leaving open at the top and the heel. The wire of the leg is going to be in the centre and it makes it easier to stuff up from the heel.

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