Friday, July 3, 2009

Doll Continued

This is the pattern piece ready to be traced onto paper. To make the back i just fold it in half, add a seam allowance where the fold is and on doubled fabric cut it out. This doll has minimum shaping as all the details will be in the clothing. I have cut out the darts here, but on the fabric they will be sewn and snipped rather than cut out.
Chux or similar product, folded double, pinned in the centre, a dart has been added to the waist to take away the fullness of the pattern the piece of chux needs to be as smooth as possible. Plenty of pins and cut out around the edge.
Wired hands. No I am not advocating tobacco smoking, This is a box that I have my thin wire, screw driver and small screws.(You may find them in old fashioned tobacconists), I picked mine up a couple of years ago for 50 cents. I know that i want my doll to have long thin fingers, some exaggerated in form. She is not of a human, but an imaginary creature. I pencil in how i want the length and shape of the fingers to be and put in my screws just enough to hold. I wire both hands at the same time. Unscrew the wires and then i add pipe cleaners, wrap wool around each digit to hold and put aside for later.
When I am happy with the fingers, I then use them to trace around on cardboard and i then have a pattern to use for my doll.
I hope that you are enjoying this little look into how i work.

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  1. Oh yes Sue, I am thoroughly enjoying it and learning SO much - thank you! thank you! :-)

    Can I be cheeky and ask for a pic of the hands with the pipecleaners?

    You are so incredibly talented! Wow! I also really love your tree tutorial! I have a big thing about trees!

    Lots of love darling,
    Vikki xx