Friday, June 26, 2009

Using my new camera i am very happy with how the pictures look. This first picture is the Jumpers for the dolls I am making to put under the Christmas tree in K Mart. 70 made so far...
This next picture is the view of where my stash is held in the place called the bar. Notice the cat in the cat bed at the top? There are two beds here. This is on top of a childs wardrobe, it used to belong to my daughter when she was little. She is now in her mid 20s.
This is the large crate that the dolls and clothes go into as i do some work each day.

Just a couple of dolls so far, I will be working in earnest now that i have enough fabrics to do them.

Some examples of how i work, 10 sets of dolls dresses ready to sew. 3 sets of dolls bodies ready to turn and stuff. 10 sets of boys shirts and shorts ready to sew. This way I can vary what i do, Sometimes knitting, sometimes sewing.


  1. Hi Sue!

    I love your pictures! You've got a little production line going there... I love how you work!

    Speak to you soon... I'm feeling better every day! Just my son that is poorly now! :-(

    Vikki xx

  2. All those little cardigans look so cheery together !