Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fold up Dolls House

What is this?

and this?

It is a work in progress.. A fold up dolls house that is going to have fold up furniture.

At the moment it is just in the preliminary stage. The walls, floors and roof are made using cereal packet cardboard, too flimsy for the final product. It needs more furniture, No kitchen or toilet yet. the doors are not finished but i like to share what i have done right now.
The bed is made, the shower, a lounge chair and a dining room table. The stairs are done too.
It all folds up like an old fashioned Christmas tree decoration. The inspiration for this is my idea of portable and post able. (i want to send it overseas). The furniture is attached to the walls using velcro to enable you to move them around. It all joins together using the clips or hooks you find on trousers.


  1. Wow! this is amazing... too clever!

  2. I'm so glad your finally getting your stuff out there. It's an amazing idea, and it looks awesome. well done mum :o) XoXo