Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Making Goodie Packs.

 No sewing this afternoon, I have been busy making the goodie bags to go with each laundry bag.
Each pack contains a card with a letter of thanks, Temporary tattoos of the Australian flag, popcorn, pen and emery board, lollies and a Tim Tam and a Cake in a cup mix.
 Having made a box up I discovered it was going to be over 2 kilos so I am packing them into boxes of 3.
Also in the box is a large crossword book and the 3 cups and plastic forks in the side and inside each laundry bag is an Australian Eucalyptus air freshener. A full box that weighs just a little less than 2 kilos.
A good afternoons work that will make the boxing up a breeze.

1 comment:

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