Monday, October 20, 2014

Aussie Hero Quilt.

 Wonky 4 patch quilt. This quilt is for a female with no preference requested for and and so I am happy to do something fun. First I am cutting up some left over 4 patch blocks into wonky 4 patch using this tutorial.

 Then I will be using up other fabrics to pull in some blues and greens.
 Using paper I have made my template, but a little differently. Instead of having to use 2 pieces of paper to make the right and left template I have drawn it on the same side in different colours and labelled it block 1 and block 2.
So first I am going to make the blocks up and how I will set it will come later, I will be having a play with it. I will applique a map of Australia with permission from Emma from her cushion pattern.
This is her blog.

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