Thursday, August 14, 2014

Super Hero Capes And Shopping.

 Tilli had a lovely time on the fabric this morning, It was so much fun for her, made my job cutting the fabric into manageable lengths difficult!
 The start of some Super Hero capes for Angels for the Forgotten charity.  I have so far roughly cut out a dozen blue and 6 pink so far.
 Such a nice day I took a walk to Savers and bought all this! $2 for these tooth brushes, I will be giving them to my friend for her homeless box packages.
 Huge haul of single sheets, all cotton, $4 each, the brights and the cream are brand new, the rest excellent condition.
and finally this apron, Total cost with my 30% discount, $40.


  1. I remember having stripey sheets like those when I was little.

  2. Ha ha! I love the photo of Tilly 'helping'! :-) That a great start cutting out all those capes and I'm very impressed with your bargains found at Savers.

  3. Tilli is very good at being a helper. We call it hampering here! Vikki is fascinated with the rotary cutter, so I'm very careful with it when she's around.
    The sheets are awesome, and what great value. Enjoy your purchases. :)

  4. I also had those stripey sheets when I was a kid !

  5. Lots of great buys as usual from savers.