Wednesday, March 12, 2014

LED Lights Giveaway.

LED Lighting strips for the sewing machine! I think this is the solution to the poor lighting problem I have been looking for!
She Sews! the Sew Can She blog has some to giveaway, If i don't win I will buy some,
Go here to find out more and the lovely story that goes with it.
this is another link if the first one does not work.


  1. I agree Sue. I find the yellow of the light globes in machines is really hard to see clearly. I have a lamp with a fluorescent daylight globe that makes a difference, but the idea of a strip of lights directly over the work is awesome. :)

  2. I need very good lighting too. My machine has 3 lights, but it's still not enough to do quilting or sewing at night. I tried the blog lovin link and the one on the next line too, but was still not able to find the giveaway. debbie