Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fishy Plush.

How cute is this! Another fantastic pattern by Christina Mckinney available on her blog.
A delightful read too.
I am busy at the moment making another quilt for Aussie Heroes Quilts and Laundry bags. I have also made a wedding present for a lovely young couple, (they grow up so quick!) I will post that one after the wedding as I know they read my blog via facebook.
My mum is not well at the moment, this has slowed me down for a bit too. Get well soon mum, Love you heaps. xxx. 


  1. Hope your Mum gets better soon, Sue.

  2. Sorry to read that your mum isn't well, Sue; hope she's feeling a lot better soon. Thank you again for sharing a very useful site yet again! In one of your last posts you shared a site which had the cute little lavender larks...I posted the photo and the link on my knitting group's FB page and the other members just loved it. I think there will be lots of little larks and the bunny patterns being made from that site! So thank you once again.