Monday, October 7, 2013

Fat 1/4 Tote Bag Pattern.

 For the past 2 days I have been working on a bag for Fat 1/4s. The first on Sunday had 9 pieces, I re worked it on Monday and then It was down to 5 pieces, but I wanted it to be much simpler, so back to the drawing board today and it now has 1 piece, 2 zips, handles and the clear plastic front, much much simpler! Top, front, sides, base, back and back top are all in one.
The 4 cut outs on the top and bottom are sewn together to create a corner, now the sides are taking shape.

The pink lines are the sides of the piece and showing the base. Sew the pink lines together where the end of the zip will be. Side seams sewn.

 Open it up and place the now sewn piece and line it up onto the base part and sew.
Repeat on the other side. The basic shape is happening.
Insert the zips from the centre front down the sides
 Almost there, this is where the bag takes shape.  From the top corner to the base corner, fold and sew down using a very narrow margin, this creates a mock seam. Do that for all the seams,
 Place webbing for handles, this is the view from the base. I have not sewn it on as I know how I want it on the real bag. It is only there for measurements.
 This is the view from the top of the bag.
 On the real thing it would have fat 1/4s and a plastic window,  (I don't have fat 1/4s, so mine had wool in it). It shows on the bag where the plastic pocket will go.
This it the fabric I will be using for the real bag now I have worked out how to do it. It is heavyweight duck cloth. I will draw the pattern out on my fabric, cut out (with pinking shears ) and cut out sew the window and sew on the straps in a couple of places then assemble it as before.
This is my pattern diagram, I hope it makes sense!


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  2. That's pretty impressive Sue! You've certainly put a lot of thought into it. It would also make an excellent bit of kit for carry on on the plane! :)

  3. Sue, you are very clever! A friend has asked me to make a cover/bag for her iPad, and I've looked at a few patterns, both on the net and in magazines, but can't make up my mind which to try. Friend just wants a simple bag with no extra pockets, but with a shoulder strap. If I bring some of my patterns over one day, would you be able to advise me the best way to go about it?