Monday, November 12, 2012

Fabric Dyeing.

 I have been dyeing white cotton sheets I bought from Savers. I used 2 colours, pink and blue and it gave me some  lovely greys and purples too. (Can you see Tilli?)
 This lovely group of fabrics were given to me on Saturday to make some Aussie Hero blocks with. Lovely!
Meggie on newly washed fabric that was about to get ironed!


  1. Hi Jan,
    what method do you use to dye the fabrics? They look terrific! I love the way animals have to 'help' - my cat often helps with computer stuff. Walking on the keyboard whilst I have a file open, sitting in front of me so he can see the screen, etc, etc.

  2. The fabric dye job must have been good as it is Meggie approved! My cats like to approve my work as well.