Wednesday, December 22, 2010

K.Mart Wishing Tree

Progress report. 8 Jack Rabbits sewn, On the last couple this morning then the clothes. Stuffing and then hand stitching then the clothes next. I have also started knitting undies for dolls too. Wishing you ALL a Very Merry Christmas to family and friends and all you lovely creative and inspiring bloggers and readers out there. I have enjoyed reading your blogs every day. You have inspired and encouraged me to do what i love. Enjoy your family and friendships. From Me and Meggie and Tilli, Hugs and kisses all round.


  1. Sue, You really are organised !
    It was great to meet you in 2010 and I hope there is a crafty get-together for us in 2011.
    I hope you and your family (and the furry ones) have a great Christmas !

  2. You have been super busy this Christmas by the looks of all the things you are making for the K Mart wishing tree. I hope you get to have a fabulous and relaxing Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing all the goodies you make next year.