Saturday, August 7, 2010

Koala Hand Puppets

I have just finished making these hand puppets for my two 3 year old nephews. I wanted to make them something they could use their imagination with and have an Australian flavour. I am pleased with the way they have turned out. I just need to stuff the heads. I will be making a separate lining and filling that with fibre fill.
Already i am thinking of the gifts to make for the adults. I think i will make microwave wheat bags. These will be microwave inserts, I will make the outsides for each one in the style of whoever i think will suit, and the inserts in cotton rectangles unfilled until i get there because i do not want them to have problems with natural products in my suitcase. For example, my mum loves tea pots, i will make the outside in the shape of a tea pot and the microwave insert separately. Mike her husband is into wood work, so i will make his in the shape of a drill or a tube of wood glue but thinking on those lines. One sister is a high flyer, so i am thinking of a mobile phone, and the other sister is more into music, My brother loves motor bikes so getting my thinking cap on i have a few more relatives to think about to get things started. I do not have much time left but i am having fun!

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