Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Dodo

This is my image board. I have on it pinned pictures from the net on the subject i want to make next. The cloth doll club i belong to (A.C.D.A.) is having an Alice In Wonderland and Mad Hatters Tea Party Challenge next month, and i have decided i am going to dress up for this, as the Red Queen, (Pics on that outfit after this!) but first i have to make something for the challenge. It took me a couple of days to decide, first i was going to make Alice, then i thought i might do the Rabbit, then maybe the Cheshire Cat, (cos i love cats) but then i decided to do the Dodo. A couple of reasons for this, My husband and his family are from Mauritius and whilst they are over here i thought they might like it to take home with them after. They always like my things that i make.
The Dodo is an extinct bird that became extinct before the invention of the camera and was native to Mauritius.

This is the fabrics and things i will be making the Dodo with. wool coats, fake fur, coat hangers, and red vinyl as well as an assortment of buttons and brass fittings. As usual i will be using my trusty cardboard and duct tape for making the pattern pieces.


  1. This is an exiting prosject - I woud like you to show us how you make the Dodo !
    And I'm looking foreward to see it when it's finich :o)

  2. I'm really curious what the end result will look like.
    Unfortunately we Dutch are to blame a lot for the Dodo to disappear in Mauritius I have learned. That's real sad.
    Anyway, we do have a lot of Mauritian friends over here! So I am very surprised to hear your Husband is from Mauritius as well!
    Good luck with this project.
    Greetz Monique

  3. You are always so clever, and am anxious to see it when you're finished. Good luck w/it and have fun.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Gosh, you are very keen and clever.
    Looking forward to seeing your creativeness in the Dodo!