Wednesday, January 27, 2010


No crafting yesterday, or the day before in fact for a whole week and i won't be doing any for a couple more days yet, busy cleaning. hired a carpet cleaner from the supermarket, hubby and myself went through the whole house room by room washing the carpets, all just a bit damp, hope that it has made it all look fresh, After cleaning up the book case i decided the next job was my wardrobe. so everything came out, all dumped on the bed then the sorting started. the result? 10 black garbage bags of clothes for the op shop. Some brand new with labels on, impulse buying. I don't wear skirts or tops so they were the first to go. Stuff i had from years back and don't fit all gone. The wardrobe now has just a couple of sentimental pieces, but all the rest are what i am and will be wearing, both summer and winter stuff. The bags are taken down to the op shop and it feels good.
The last cleaning out job i have is the craft/sewing stuff. this is by far the biggest job but it will be worth it! then i can get back to crafting as my reward for a job well done.
What started it all is this show, Hoarders and a comment from my daughter when we were going op shopping one day and i saw a jar of buttons and said to her, that is great! and she said, You don't need that mum, you have a lot of buttons already.
I do not want to let it all get that far and i am doing something to fix it now.


  1. Hello darling Sue!
    We must have been doing the same thing at the same time! I cleared out my wardrobe yesterday! My bedroom is still chaos, but I have a few bags to take to the op shop! Funnily enough I saved a cardigan because I thought you might like it, it's never been worn! How in tune are we?!!!! :-)

    Lots of love to you darling friend!
    Vikki xoxo

  2. OH you can never have to many buttons!! Plus they don't take up much space. Love Posie

  3. I am loving all the crafty catness you have going on over here. I clicked over while commenting on another blog and your blog name caught my eye. So cute!

  4. Hi Sue, Funny, I too just cleaned out my closet and my sewing room after putting if off for months. Just a couple of days ago we were talking about that show at work and how the lady didn't want to get rid of some rotting pumpkins. It really does feel good when everything is in it's place (at least for a little while). lol