Friday, November 13, 2009

I WILL reach my goal of 100

I thought you might like an up date on my K Mart Christmas Tree dolls and stuff.
So as of this evening, this is where i am with it. only another couple of weeks to go, so here it is.
Total so far.

18 knitted bears.
50 dolls.
14 Cross Stitch Kits.
8 Pencil Kits.
4 Elephants.

Cut out ready to stuff and sew,
6 dolls.

Need to finish off,
Buttons on jumpers.
Press studs on dresses.
faces on dolls.

Total on toys = 100.

All this = a busy 2 and a half weeks


  1. Hi Sue, You're amazing to make so many toys for kids. I do hope you make your goal in time!!

  2. Wow! You are so amazing to organize all this (BTW, the fabric is on it's way to you ;) )
    Hope you reach the goal. I am sending you all the good energy to you over there.
    Those who receive your dolls will be so super happy!