Friday, October 16, 2009

Keeping in Touch

I have always had an open house policy at my place, my children's friends have been allowed to come over whenever they want and stay if they need to and although my kids are now young adults and have their own lives it was lovely when a couple popped in this evening, not to see their mate, They knew he was not here, but just to see me. Just to catch up and talk about what they are up to. They call me their second mum. (I am so proud of who they are turning out to be.) They were interested in seeing what i have made and talked fondly on what i had made for them. They even bought along a new friend who has in the past done dress making and loved to sew and i told her she was welcome anytime she wanted to play, (she wants to make some 60's clothing, ti dye and stuff, She has no idea that i really LOVE that stuff!!!) i have the materials, the machines etc and when i showed her the polymer clay she went GAGA. She used to make jewelery, so i said to her, come and play anytime and she can teach me how to use that stuff. It was a lovely visit. I am going to teach them how to knit, make felt and whatever they want to learn. How great is it to pass on what you know, and also to learn more stuff from them?


  1. Sounds like you had fun and its lovely meeting someone new who is so enthusiatic to learn from you too. I learnt to knit from a neighbour when we moved into our first home. So, because of her, my boys grew up with knitted jumpers.

  2. Sounds like fun times to me. Anytime we can share & be with others......doing something we love to do is good times.

  3. How wonderful. I often wish I'd had someone like you around to teach me all this wonderful creative stuff... what a great 'mother' and friend you are being.