Saturday, August 1, 2009

She Needs a Name

Side View of Space Hopper Girl. She needs a name can you help?

Back View. I enjoyed the process of making her.
First things first, tomorrow i will be cleaning up (i tend to spread myself out when i am doing a project) then I will be making some charity dolls for the next few days after that, But i won't be putting pictures of them up until December !st when they will be photographed together.


  1. Her hair came out really good. For a name, how about Juniper??

  2. Hi Sue,
    Wow, she has turned out really well.
    How about Lucy Lou for her name?

  3. Wow ...she turned out great. I love the slightly scared look on her face. Its like shes trying out something new and isn't sure if she likes it or not yet...though her eyes suggest she just might. You are very clever.
    What about Jackie Hooper (jumping jacks and hopping). Sorry it was the best I could do on the spur of the moment LOL

  4. I think Juniper is a lovely name - it reminds me of a space theme being so close to the name Jupiter - and I was thinking along the same lines with 'Venus'.

    But then something cuter may be more apt, like Bonnie Beau, a-bouncing she will go!

    She looks fantastic, Sue!!! Well done! You should be really proud of yourself! xxxxx

  5. Hi Sue!
    Wow, she is amazing. I love the hopper. What a great idea!! She looks so fun.
    What about Joy for her name?
    You make so many amazing dolls, why not have a flickr account to put all your dolls picture there :D
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.