Thursday, July 2, 2009



These pictures are taken today especially for Steph, my daughter and my friend Vikki's daughter who has been ill recently, and is kitty obsessed like me.

Meg and Tilly at the trough!! No, this is not the usual way of feeding them. We had just been shopping and refilled their food storage container. There are two kinds of dried cat food here, diet and multiple cat food. aren't they being good! eating the right foods for themselves.
This is Puss. This cat belongs to the owners of the pet food store in Greensborough. She is 22 years old, has been blind for a week and is getting used to feeling her way around. She has high blood pressure which resulted in her blindness but she is not in any pain.

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  1. Thank you Sue! Rosie LOVES looking at your kitties! :-) Have you seen the virtual cat I have on my computer? If you want him on yours, just right click and do 'save as' and then add him as a link on your layout page... the same way you would have with your other links. :-) Only thing is, I don't get any blogging done when Rosie sees him... but that was the whole point! he he he...
    Hugs and love, Vikki & Rosie xxxxxxxxxx